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Where *you* decide what happens next

The continuing story of ...
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Anybody , Moderated
This is a story, its about whatever you want. Anyone can add to the story. Add a paragraph or two, about whatever you want.



  • feel free not to include subjects, and currents (mood, music etc) in your posts (nobody really cares what mood you are in).

  • feel free not to post an introductory message telling everyone you will post soon. No one really cares if you post or don't post.

  • Your entry should follow on from the previous entry, or at least flow in some kind of way, no matter how abstract

  • you need to write things

  • make it interesting. or don't. whatever, like I care what you do, pfft

  • don't feel like you have to write some amazing literary thing, stream of conciousness works, or whatever

  • um, think up your own rules, cause I'm bad at this sort of thing.

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