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Wed, Jun. 13th, 2007, 11:48 pm

Emerging from cobwebs, Hildy awoke with a start. She had been in the embraces of Morty, the great wind, and just as some peculiar climax was reached, she saw dazzling stars that disappeared into a bleeding, inky blackness. Her eyes were itchy with cracking, salty sand, she coughed and found her lungs to be dusty. How much time had passed, she was unsure, but it seemed an age, though her body was still slim and curvy in the right places, her whiskers still had the spring of youth. She stood up on nearly atrophied limbs, fell forward again, sat up, and looked apprisingly at her surroundings. Was this where Morty had taken her, as they swirled around and around in the skies, she could not tell. It was night. The air was still, her panties were still around her ankles, perhaps it was that and not atrophied muscles at all that had caused her to stumble. She had never known the air to be so still, since it had so often carried her about willy nilly. As she pulled her dusty undergarments up over her thighs, she stood again and found a more sturdy footing. Now she noticed in the distance a giggling man, he seemed wholly preoocupied with something and did not notice her as she approached. She heard his voice, clear as a bell in the strange, dark, still air.

"Where's weenie?" he giggled, "Wheeeere's weenie!?"