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Fri, Jun. 17th, 2005, 10:59 am

Morty had returned and he was consumed with the rage of the terminally bored. Like a middle-class high school student at a slipknot concert he thrashed and spun, his ethereal body sucking air up into a severe low pressure system as he descended upon his former home planet.

Hildy and the Pigman wailed horribly as the winds picked up and the dark force of morty made its presence felt. But Hildy was the first to snap out of it, in a moment of clarity, she dived through the pigman's window and grabbed his cake, making a break for it before the pigman knew what was happening. By the time the Pigman had made it out of his house, the cyclonic winds were too much for him. He was swept up into Morty's vengeful storm and spun and spun around in circles. The nausea he felt almost overcame his rage at the theft of his fine, fine cake. He wanted to destroy everything in sight. Only there was nothing around him but winds and debris.

As Morty's rage began to calm, he realised what awesome powers he had come to possess. The fate of Pigman was completely within his hands. He began to toss the Pigman up, down and around, watching him with intense interest.